Trading Name Update

O’Connor’s Pharmacy Douglas will be 45yrs old this year. During this time, it has seen several changes and challenges. None more so than the last two years. The fire in Douglas Village Shopping Centre in August 2019 forced the business to move to a temporary unit where footfall almost dried up completely. We in Douglas went above and beyond to hold onto customers but I realised that the business needed to reach out to a wider community. The idea for a website started around this time and in May 2020 our website was launched which set the business on a new path. A new improved site is about to be launched which has led me to the decision to align the trading name with the website.

So, on the 1st of June Pharmacy First Plus Douglas will leave the Pharmacy First Plus brand and will revert to its original trading name O'Connor's Pharmacy Douglas. The goodwill and the trusted family name have been a huge part in the decision to change. It will also remove ambiguity around the trading names going into the future when promoting both the pharmacy and its website.  I will continue as owner and manager in Douglas. My shareholding and roles and responsibilities within the Pharmacy First Plus group will remain the same and I will continue to work with all pharmacies in the group to help grow the business. Douglas has been operating under the name Pharmacy First Plus since 2009 and has been proud to be part of it, but now it is time for a change

As always, thank you for supporting a local family run business. We really appreciate it.

Michael O'Connor